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Corso in inglese


In a serene environment and with a specialized teacher, the course wishes to make the kids approach to the Theatre in the English language. The heart of the course is the Stage, seen as a place where to learn with other boys and girls what acting means, and where to improve new language skills.

The pupil will develop his own creativity and fantasy.

The course will end with a Theatre performance which will let the kids show the acquired skills.



In the first few months, the activities will be proposed in play form.

The teacher will initially interact talking both in Italian and in English, gradually leaving the first language to focus on the second one.

The body comunication will simultaneously develop with the capacity of speaking in English.

Kids will learn to express in different ways their emotions, and will develope the specific theatre jargon.



The laboratory aims at reaching the following goals:


- develop confidence, build trust between the members of the group, learning what acting means


- develop body expression


- develop new skills in English language


- realize a new teamwork by putting on a theatre show.




L’Ufficio Corsi è aperto:

da lunedì a venerdì dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 19.00

il sabato dalle 10.00 alle 14.00

02/49472369 - 320/6874363

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